Once upon time a young Graphic Designer was so stressed at the advertising agency where he worked. The partners were so buried too, working as copywriters and art directors. They needed motivation to live!


Then he decided to bring his keywords, drums and flutes, the ones he tried to play at home, but never had free time to do it. That was clear, to record freedom through music!


First time the recorder was an Apple Quadra 840 using its SimpleSound software an the Macintosh buit-in microphone. People participated and liberated stress after work, it was pure rough creativity. Freedom over all things... the party of frantic senses.


This began on 1998, the results were four music CD's until 2005, all for freedom and fun, not for sell, only to share crazy things with friends.  Today, this alternative project continues as a preliminary test, so that all the world can participate.